May 11, 2011

we still got it

"Choose your love, love your choice."
-Thomas S. Monson

maybe it's just me but i'm still in awe that chin and i have been married for over 9 months now.
it seems like just yesterday we were sealed for eternity on a hot day in upstate new york.
time. flies.
i'm not saying that 9 months is a long time, because that's laughable.
but looking back on our marriage so far, it's fun to see how far we've come and how we've developed in a short 9 months. 
how is it possible to still love someone after living with them for an extended period of time, when they know your faults, and fears, and weaknesses?

sometimes it's not easy, and sometimes it's the most natural thing i've encountered in my life.
i chose my love, and i love my choice.

even when i get upset because Chin won't wear a bow tie, he patiently grumbles that that is just not his style.
or when i take up the whole bathroom sink during my getting-ready-for bed routine, and he has to slink away to the other bathroom.
or when i'm up till 3 am writing about strategic negotiating, and he still manages to tell me he loves me and hold my hand until i fall asleep when i finally make it to bed.
or when i get nervous driving at night and he slows down even though he's being perfectly safe.
or when i get home and completely forget to make dinner and he silently makes himself a pb&j. (that's been happening way too often lately).

the list goes on and on, but i'll leave you with this:
i feel lucky to have a perfectly imperfect marriage.

Red Square, Moscow, Russia

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Lynne said...

I think you should wear the bow tie!