June 24, 2011

a farewell

and we're off again.
this time to seattle to catch a boat to the great land of alaska.
i feel as though we're headed to a foreign land.
i have no idea about the climate, the weather, or the landscape.
all that i know is that everyone says it's "beautiful" in alaska.
i don't know what that exactly means.
beautiful in what way? 
however, i'm trusting what i've been told and just going with it.
two fifty-pound suitcases later.

we won't have internet for the week, so i'll be m.i.a. 
but i'm excited to have two amazing girls guest posting for me while i'm gone!
so please give them lots of love and enjoy their talent.

have a great week!
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Ashley Sloan said...

Oh have fun!!! I am jealous...I've never been to Alaska! I've had a few friends from there and they love it! Hopefully you will too!

Ashley Sloan

Sara @ Struggling Happiness said...

It's beautiful in a way that is different from the lower states. It is hard to explain. When I was there last August it just felt so vibrant and laid back. I loved it there. The forest is so green and healthy, there isn't the smog that seems to be every where down in the 48. Just things like that. Hope you enjoy it!