June 24, 2011


prepare for picture overload.
i was so sad to leave california so quickly.
everything about california is different.
the marine layer mornings, the salty ocean air on the coast, the huge hills of southern california, the people, the diversity, the architecture.
i would be happy to end up in california someday if we don't end up back east.
we had a great time with our friends... it was fun to see them (for not the last time) before they start dental school and are off to bigger and better things.

a chilly morning in long beach. the long beach airport is itty bitty! i loved walking off the plane down the steps celeb-style.

 being very full after a yummy dinner at the good old cheesecake factory

we spent our first day and a half at magic mountain, and by the end of it, i was so tired. 
plus, there are some of the trashiest people in my whole life chillin out at six flags.
more piercings, tattoos, and obesity than i had ever seen in my whole life.

 we found this incredible pizza place in L.A. and i loved the little courtyard it had! so festive.

on wednesday we went to the san diego zoo in the early afternoon. it was huge! i loved it.
we saw so many zoo babies and i was in animal baby heaven.

 future m.d. 

they had so many animals there, it would have taken days to see them all. but i'm glad we got to see a majority of them, especially the giraffes!

 on our way back to long beach we headed to La Jolla to dip our feet in the pacific ocean (my first time... crazy right?). it was a little cloudy and the water was chilly, but i loved being at the ocean and having salt in my hair.


our trip was great, and a great kick-off to our string of vacations ahead. 
i'm thinking i'll be exhausted by the end of the summer...

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