June 20, 2011

a few snaps from our weekend

this morning we headed to L.A. to spend a few days of vacation with our friends brandon and  jen. they're moving to L.A. for dental school, and we decided to spend a few days partying with them in southern California before we head to Alaska.

but our weekend was nothing short of exciting...
i feel as though our life is on fast forward. i mean actually i can't even breathe we're so busy.
this past weekend was wild, and we hardly had any time to even think about relaxing.

on thursday i picked up Lizer at the airport and helped her surprise her boyfriend, Alec. They hadn't seen each other in almost two months, and it was so exciting to see him so surprised and see them back together again!

 they are actually the most perfect couple i have ever seen. are you not dying? i almost cry every time i see this picture.

on friday, our friends Jake and Leah were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. we felt so lucky to be able to support them, plus we were able to spend the evening with Rob and Dave who came all the way from Denver!

 Leah and Jake's flowers were gorgeous. I loved their citrus theme with cream, lime, orange, and yellow.

 the boys prepping to give toasts at the wedding

 Jake surprised Leah with a horse-drawn carriage to take them away from the wedding dinner. Meet Ace. he actually was the coolest horse i've ever seen.

 this picture makes me so happy. :) mawwwwiiiaaahhgggeeee!

how was your weekend my darling friends? i'll be back on thursday to update you on our trip to L.A. and a few more other things!

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Ashley Sloan said...

Oh my gosh you are always going to weddings!!! :) They are so fun and your outfit is darling! Oh, and you totally deserve the blog award hehe and if it isn't your thing to pass it along, no worries! Have a great day!

Ashley Sloan