June 23, 2011

Elisabeth's bridal shower

i'm sad to report that we are back from southern california.
i'm not happy about it.

but instead of telling you about our trip and what's been happening, i thought i would switch gears for today and talk about food.
for now at least. there will be more on L.A. later.
and there is never anything wrong with talking about food right?
in fact, if i could talk about food, or preferably eat food, all day, that would be my top pick.
alas, my hips would hate me.

a few weeks ago i had the opportunity to do the food for my dear friend elisabeth's bridal shower.
she's getting married in august and i could not be happier for her.
we've been friends for a long time so it was so special that i got to be at her bridal shower and help make it special for her.

ready to bake for the whole day!
i was in the kitchen for about 6 hours straight...

 i chose to pick a purple and yellow food theme, because that was what her and ben wore in several of their engagement shots that were up around the apartment during the bridal shower. call me crazy because i like things to match? whateva.

 i think the lemon blueberry cupcakes were by far the hit of the food. they turned out so cute! and it didn't hurt that we got 20 mason jars for 3 dollars at the D.I....

instead of posting the recipes for the evening, i thought i would just post a link to all the desserts below (because they all came from blogs. silly me.). enjoy! they all turned out great, so you can totally trust the recipes. yum yum yum.
congrats elisabeth :)

Lemon-Blueberry Cupcakes (i proceeded to put mine in a jar...)
Pineapple-Blueberry Fruit Kabobs
Lemon-head Candy


Amber said...

They all look delicious! You're quite the domestic goddess!

Elisabeth said...

Hayley, you're so wonderful! The shower was fantastic and all your food was a hit!

Love you lots,