June 6, 2011

happy birthday Chin!

today Chin turns 23. 
it's weird to think that five years have passed since i first saw him, and that over those five years he's turned into a mature and capable man, with talents and strengths and abilities that surpass most 23 year olds.

23 years of kindness
a few years of mischief in between
2 years of missionary discipline
16 years of school
10 months of marriage
17 years of basketball
6 years of guitar playing
13 years in denver
with a few in texas before
3 years of me secretly crushing
a year and a half of being mine
and a lifetime of being the very best person i have ever met.
 i love you chin, happy birthday!

this picture was taken this weekend in Denver at the wedding we attended.
i think it is so cute, and i have a pretty awesomely attractive husband!

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Ashley Sloan said...

Happy Birthday to him! :) It is so cute how you had a crush on him for so long! He sounds like my husband with the mission and insane amounts of years in a sport :) (except mine played Baseball)... you should enter my giveaway and try to win him a college hat for a belated bday present :)

Ashley Sloan, Check out my giveaway :) Win a Zephyr hat of your choice!