June 7, 2011

their wedding

a lot happened this weekend. i'm excited to tell you guys about it since it was so eventful and crazy!
the main event of the weekend was the wedding. and when i say wedding i actually should insert outrageous celebration.
it was one of the most fun weddings i have ever been to, and it was a great kick-off to the wedding season.

David, the groom, was one of Chin's absolute best friends from high school. he was a groomsman in our wedding, and they have kept in close contact over the years. he is one of the funniest and nicest people i have ever met, and so it was a big deal that he found a match that was equally as wonderful.
Kirsten, his bride, is an itty bitty Texas girl with a personality that highly outdoes her size. she is vibrant and beautiful, and made a gorgeous bride.
we were so excited to be able to come to Denver and support them this weekend. Chin being a groomsman, was quite busy all weekend, but i loved joining in the wedding festivities when i could.
their wedding rehearsal dinner and dessert reception were held at Cantina Laredo, in Boulder the night before.

Here are some snapshots from the wedding and some details:
Their wedding was held at Lionscrest Manor, in Lyons, CO. it was one of the coolest places i had ever been to. the mountain views were incredible, and the manor itself was charming and elegant.

the moment that david saw kirsten for the first time, they both burst into tears. it was a precious moment where her father gave her away to her soon-to-be husband, and tears, smiles, and laughter were not held back.

the ceremony was beautiful. david and chin's high school friend Grant, was the officiant, and it was a joyful moment between the couple, as they vowed their devotion and love to each other for their lifetimes. (and did i mention how pretty that view is?!)

once the ceremony was over, we headed into the manor to have hors d'oeuvres and cocktails. we then proceeded to sit down and eat a delicious meal that consisted of mixed greens, asparagus, steak medallions, smashed potatoes, and delicious grain bread.

toasts were given by the family, and then D & K had their first dance. which they actually choreographed themselves. the m.c. then proceeded to tell us that the father-daughter dance and the mother-son dance was going to be a little more serious. As he said that, "She's a Brick House" came on through the speakers and the parents and the bride and groom burst into another choreographed dance! i mean really, does it get any cooler?

this was while the night was still young. Chin looked so dapper in his tuxedo!

once dinner was out of the way, the dancing continued for the rest of the night. we literally did not leave the dance floor for a good four hours. the band ROCKED. they were so good, and everybody was on their feet dancing the night away. 
we also did "chair dancing." i.e. the Horah, danced to the jewish song Haga Nagila. You know, when you all form hands and join a circle and go around and around and around and around and around while they hoist the bride and groom in chairs in the center. yeah i'm still dizzy from that one.

some of the boys from high school. it was fun to see them all back together again!

i'm not kidding when i tell you we literally danced until 1 a.m. and i kept my shoes on all night! 

this was at the very end of the night around 1 a.m. the bride and groom were getting ready to leave, and chin and i decided to take one last picture. i had such a fun time dancing with Chin. i love how crazy and care-free he gets on the dance floor. he is a rockin' dancer.

as the bride and groom walked down the stairs to be whisked away in their Rolls-Royce limo, we threw rose petals out of paper cones that had letters written by the bride and groom to each other. 

can you say ultra wedding success? it's hard to top that. 

a few more details: 
the servers came around throughout the night serving chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches, jarritos soda, and carrot cake from their wedding cake. 
chin was a designated driver at the end of the night... our arrival time back in denver? 
2:30 a.m. woah baby.
Kirsten hired a wedding planner, and everything went off without a hitch. i have never seen a wedding where everyone knew where to be and what to do and have absolutely no complications.
i was highly impressed.


Teenage Bride said...

aw congratulations to the beautiful couple and God bless their marriage!

Lynne said...

Your dress looks great. Any picts of it it color?

Megan and Justin said...

looks like you guys had a blast! love your dress and hers :)