June 9, 2011

regarding learning

if there's ever been a time for me to learn, now is my time. 
they say when you're a baby, your brain develops the fastest, and we all know how much little kids like to learn and mimic things they see. 
but somehow, living in provo, i feel like i have learned more in these past two years 
(it has seriously almost been that long since i graduated high school. hello father time where did you go brotha?) than in my entire life.

regarding friendship, i've learned that to have great friends, you have to be a good friend. and what even is a good friend? i mean is there a true definition? or do we make up our own according to our abilities and desires? i've learned that a good friend supports and defends you, stays on your side always but tells you when you might be wrong, is honest and upfront but always considerate, and tries to be there whenever you most need them. i've also learned that it is impossible to always be a great friend, but in turn that also means we should never stop trying to be a great friend.

regarding family, i've learned to love and cherish them. savoring the moments we get to spend with them is crucial to our well-being. i want to look back and remember the amazing memories i have with my family, both my immediate family and my family-in-law.

regarding love, i've learned to speak kind words, and be fiercely loyal to the ones we care about most. i've also learned that love is everywhere; in toothpaste kisses, reading a book together out loud, holding hands during airplane landings, and saying i love you enough times a day so they never ever forget it.

regarding missing things, sometimes i do indeed miss things. but i've learned that provo is not so bad at all. my friends, my family, the mountains, the sunshine, the incredible university we attend, and the happiness we feel here is wonderful, and i've learned that we have to strive and choose to be happy wherever we are in life... even if we miss things. i do miss home, i miss my puppy, and i miss my grandparents and new york summers, but i am happier than ever in a place we call our temporary home.

and so this is what i've learned. 

on a side note, here are some more scenes from our weekend in denver:

chubby charli and her prized tennis ball

these dogs are actually anything but camera shy (i may have bribed them with a bone)

23 candles for chin

we got to see the jacksons on sunday! we were so happy to see nick and kyla. they are actually the most perfect couple i have ever seen. we love them.

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