July 22, 2011

things that are funny

right after this picture i was told that there were two huge rips in them in the butt.
okay 1, how did i not realize that when i put them on? and 2, how did i get two huge gashes in my pants? huh what?

i promise i am not insane. i just don't like sharks.

dead fish. okay not that funny... just kind of gross.

greggers in the sand bunker watching some teenage girls prance around. he's 2.

my dad trying to keep our beach canopy from flying away. by himself. it might not sound funny but i guess you just had to be there.

less funny... the men down the beach from us catching a 200 pound shark at night. do i dare enter the ocean again?

have a great weekend!

1 comment:

Teenage Bride said...

eeew sharks creep me out