July 25, 2011

last shots of vacation

our vacation to North Carolina has come to a close, and somehow we made it 16 hours in a car back to New York. words can hardly describe how incredible it feels to be home. 
i loved waking up to a summer rainstorm, being surrounded by never-ending rows of green trees, eating breakfast foods from my long-lost pal Wegmans, and snuggling up with our golden retriever, Rusty. 
Bliss is a little thing i like to call home.

our vacation to Emerald Isle in one word would be this: paradise.
between the sun, sand, family, laughs, boat rides, warm waves, incredible food, and time spent with Chin, i feel happier than ever before.
it wasn't where we were or what fun things we did, it was being together that proved to be the best experience of all.
i'm sad that not all of our family could make it out to the beach for this vacation.
but i am so grateful for my family.
and i'm grateful for my wonderful parents for putting together such a memorable vacation.
they worked so hard to make it great for all of us.
i love them.

and now for a last round of vacation pictures (that i am sure you are quite sick of):

while we were there, we took a morning to go deep sea fishing. we got to see the sunrise as we drove to the marina to catch our boat, and we caught about 40 spanish mackerel. i love fishing. i hadn't been since my senior year in high school, and we had a great time.

 on a lazy afternoon, we all tie-dyed shirts for a little craft project. we then proceeded to go take pictures at the beach.
word to the wise: DO NOT go on a beach stroll with your husband in matching tie-dye. you will look ridiculous and receive stares of bemusement and mocking.

 love my mama

dad with his newest grandbaby

 one afternoon we headed inland to literally the middle of nowhere. 
we ate at the Red Barn Grill, where all the townies have the "best sea food." talk about homestyle cooking. it rocked.

 my sister-in-law, Amber, made these incredible Junior-Mint filled chocolate cupcakes. talk about heaven!

on our last day in North Carolina, we went to Beaufort (where they filmed A Walk To Remember) to take a ferry ride on the Crystal Coast. 

Beaufort was so scenic. It has so much history and such a wonderful small-town feel.

my brother, Noel, has a "procedure" that he likes to do with his camera. One night we headed out to the beach and with a lighter, kitchen whisk, steel wool, and metal cable, he created this.

on our drive home, we did our traditional stop at Sunset Ice Cream in Williamsport, PA.
we've been stopping here since I was 2!

have a great Monday! :)


Teenage Bride said...

wow it looks like an amazing trip. I had an urge to watch A Walk to Remember yesterday... it wasn't available on netflix... boo

Gentri said...

What an awesome trip! Love that you guys owned that tie dye!

Em said...

Looks like a great vacation Hayley!!! I am soo jealous : )