August 22, 2011

a fleeting summer weekend

this summer has been the best summer of my life.
and now, as it comes to a close, i am scraping and shoveling in as much summery-ness and fun as i can possibly get.

soon, summer will be gone, and i'll be filled with regret of all the things i didn't do.
so instead, i am going to do do do all week long, so at the end of the summer, i can look back on all the things i have done.

 this weekend, my sister celebrated her 25th birthday.
we loved celebrating with her and the family, and all she wanted was a Costco cake with buttercream frosting.
Chin and I went to pick up a cake for her little party last night, and we unanimously decided that this cake the best one.
take away the multiple and fun colors of the rainbow, and can you BELIEVE these frosting clouds?!?!
i wanted to dive into them and take a nap.

Les and Mike and the kids made it down for the party. we loved having them! it was great to be with both my sisters, and although the whole family wasn't there, it was great to have everyone who could attend.

 happy birthday Maresssyy!

i love this picture of Maren. She looks so happy (and it was because of all the frosting on her cake... she is obsessed.)!

a photo of the Salt Lake Temple from our date on Thursday night

notice anything different? yep, you got it, on Thursday yours truly got bangs. 

how was your weekend?


Amber said...

I love the bangs! Very cute! Luke looks sooo grown up in that picture. DARLING!

Kaitlin Marie Photography said...

I just got bangs yesterday! It must be a fall thing haha They look WAY better on you though.