August 15, 2011

our weekend

i loved this weekend.
it was a great culmination of all sorts of busy-ness and even more laziness.

through the eyes of instagram (i'm obsessed!):

taking my sister's babies swimming.
okay is she not the cutest 5 year old on the planet? it's not up for debate.

 coveting beautiful purses while on a trip to Park City with my lady pal KT

 cuts and scrapes from floating the Provo river with friends. poor Chin had it the worst... i didn't even need band-aids! he is hardcore, obviously.

 trying to fit one more book into my summer reading before school starts.
have any of you read this?
Ree Drummond is SO COOL.

between all of the excitement that this weekend entailed...
we spent a lot of it sleeping, eating, and sleeping some more.
long mornings in bed and late nights.
you'd think we're still young or something.

what did you do this weekend?

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