August 12, 2011

Tutu & Granddad

last night Chin's grandparents took us to dinner at the Willow Creek Country Club. 
it was so fun to see Tutu and Granddad be treated like celebrities as they walked through the club that they've belonged to for twenty years. all of the workers knew who they were, and it was so cute seeing Tutu blush as the young men serving us referred to her as Mrs. Lassetter. 
i loved it, and i felt so lucky that we got to tag along.
the country club was beautiful, and we had such a wonderful time chatting and laughing over delicious food.
i love seeing Chin interact with his grandparents.
you can tell how much he genuinely cares about them by the way he talks to them and acts toward them. it makes me love him even more (is that even possible?).
last night i especially loved learning about Tutu and Granddad's past. they have so many great stories and such interesting backgrounds. Because Granddad was a Colonel in the Air Force, they lived in so many different places early in their marriage, and they have great experience and wisdom.
i love them like i love my own grandparents.

also, spending an evening there made me want to join a country club someday.
willow creek country club


Gentri said...

What a fun evening in such a beautiful setting! Sounds perfect. :)

Shelby Clark said...

How fun, Hayley! :) All of my grandparents have passed away... One perk to marrying Thane was gaining two sweet grandmas!

Lynne said...

That sounds as though it was a really fun time. I hope you sent our greetings.