August 27, 2011

saturday morning market finds

this morning we got an early start,
and i have to say, i love early saturdays.
as much as i love sleeping in, it's so awarding to have my to-do list done before noon time.
#1 on my to-do list today?
hit up my beloved Provo Farmer's Market.
my finds?

macarons. pistachio, salted caramel, carrot cake, vanilla, coconut, & lemon. you all know my love affair with macarons. they were a good breakfast.

 fresh organic peaches. juicy and sweet. can't wait to put them in a salad.

 button earrings. i can't resist my initial on a handmade earring! plus, they were a dollar. scooooreeee!

 cranberry-orange walnut loaf. like the one from the last time i headed to the farmer's market. it was such a winner i came back for more.

 homemade note cards. they were a great deal, and the little girls selling them were too cute not to buy from them.

the price verdict? 20 dollars. for all. of. it.
can you believe it?
i wish i could do all my shopping here.

happy weekend!

1 comment:

Gentri said...

Why have I never been to the Provo farmer's market (or ANY farmer's market for that matter)?!?! WOW!