August 3, 2011

to my sister

dear sister,
                   today you head on an exciting adventure as a missionary, called to serve and teach the people of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. twenty one years have brought you to this incredible place in your life, and progressively i have watched you grow and develop into the beautiful and bright woman that you are. 
                   i see you as so many things. you are the ultimate role model. always caring for others and seeking to do your best, and so full of life and happiness. 
you are a friend to anyone and everyone, i have never known someone who cares for more people than you. everyone you meet is instantly drawn to your optimism and sincere to desire to befriend others around you. 
                   you are a caring sister. i worried that being sisters could possibly tear our friendship apart. looking back, i see how silly of a thought that was. not only do i feel as though i know you now infinitely better than before we were related, but i feel as though i've learned about your role in your family as a daughter and sister. 
                   you are a daughter of God, and He will bless you so much as you start on this journey. I can't wait to see the progress you make and to see how you change and mature as a missionary but also as a person. 
                  sister, i love you, and i want to be just like you. adieu, just for eighteen months.
your sister

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