August 1, 2011

one year

on Sunday, Christian and I celebrated our one year anniversary.
we never really seemed to celebrate any "monthly" anniversaries besides noting that another month had passed and we couldn't believe how fast time was flying.
but our one year anniversary was very special to the both of us.
we both feel incredulous that a whole year has gone by, and we packed so many memories and moments into such a small amount of time. i can't believe how quickly the time passed.
we learned so much about ourselves, individually and as a couple.
it seemed to be a year of never ending growth, compromise, and learning.
if there's one thing that i've taken away from this year,
it's that i couldn't have married anyone better for me.
it certainly wasn't an easy year,
but it has been the happiest, simply because i have been able to spend it with my best friend.
i would not change a single moment of laughter or tears for a chance to be without Christian.

i've heard theories that marrying young takes away your freedom and fun as young individual.
to that i say, you don't know what it is to be young and married.
i feel completely free. Chin and i both respect each other and our wishes for each other, but we are individuals who share one life. we both do separate things and have separate moments and ideas.
but at the same time, we've had the opportunity to meld our lives together, to create a life full of joy and go through life as best friends side by side.

whether it was a moment of happiness, sadness, frustration or bliss, we got to share it together.
and isn't that what a relationship is about?
being with the one you love through all phases and stages of life.
i'm looking forward for the rest of eternity to keep learning and loving.

Happy Anniversary Christian, I love you.

a new tradition of taking a picture holding a picture of us from the year before. fun right?!

details of our anniversary weekend coming tomorrow!

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