September 14, 2011

apple picking

when i was a little girl, my dad used to take me and my sister, Maren, to the apple farm to pick apples every september. back then it seemed as though we were picking apples for hours and hours, and that the tractor ride lasted a few miles. 
this past weekend, we went as a family to the apple farm, and while the tractor ride only took us up the hill of the orchard, i felt right back at home,
filled with nostalgia from my childhood.

to document:

i love this picture of my grandma, she was mid-apple bite and i still insisted on taking the picture.

 thoroughly love him with all the strength i can muster


 not like any apple you'd ever find practically anywhere else. fresh off the tree, tart, sweet, juicy, and crisp.

 what i wore:
gifted satchel, Gap pants, Target boots, Anthropologie tee, Fossil watch

 such a cute picture of one of the cutest families i ever did see. i loved being home with Noel and Amber and their kids. Because they don't live in Utah like my sisters, I don't see them nearly as much. Any chance we get to spend together I am so grateful for.

 mutant over-grown tractor?

 Noel and his boys

 i loved looking through all of their baked goods. i may have drooled.

 pure nostalgia.

 spoils of war: fresh apple cider (that doesn't taste like Provo's sickeningsweetappleciderthatreallytasteslikejuicemadefromconcentrate) and cinnamon and glazed donuts.


Teenage Bride said...

oh i so want to do this with my daughter

Gentri said...

How fun is this!! You're right, apples fresh off the tree will always be a thousand time better than store bought. I so want to go here now!