September 12, 2011

this might gross you out

while we were back in Rochester this weekend (which was great! more deeeets lata.),
we headed to Empire Hots for
Garbage Plates.
huh what?
i know most of you are reading this and are ultra-confused/grossed out.
yes, a garbage plate is food. that you buy. at a restaurant.

what am i talking about? i know you must think i'm nutso.
if you didn't already.

a garbage plate is.... this:
mac salad and home fries covered in hamburger patties, onions, ketchup, mustard, and meaty hot sauce.

it sounds ridiculous, and it totally is.
but it's such a traditional food of Rochester.
originally created by Nick Tahou's, it's a staple at every Hots restaurant around Rochester.
when I was in high school, we used to get garbage plates in the middle of the night,
and you bet your bottom that i could down one all my myself.
now i can't even finish half of one.
did i mention that it's the fattiest food in New York?

chin's finished plate

1 comment:

Brigham & Jessica said...

one of the kids at work the other day was begging me to make 'garbage'! He said his grandma makes it for him and he loves it. I bet she's from New York! It is gross in concept but there is no doubt that it would be good.