September 26, 2011

Cameron D Hansen

this weekend my sister LesliAnn had her baby!
she was over 3 weeks early,
but baby Cameron still ended up being 8 pounds when he was born.
and let me tell you... 
he is 8 pounds of pure sweetness.
i had never held a new-born baby before, because i was never able to come into town when my sister or sister-in-law had a baby. 
i was so excited to hold a precious little bundle in my arms.

he is such a sweet little baby,
and even though Chin and I are a long way from having children, i can't wait to have a sweet little bundle of our own someday.

 baby toes might just be the cutest little things i have ever seen.

the Hansen family. Les is doing great and the two older babies are loving their new baby brother. 
Lukey call Cam "Camera" because he can't say the N at the end,
so he kept running around the room yelling "BRUDDER CAMERA!"

 Hansen boys getting in some prime bonding time

 Julia missed her mom a lot. and when i say a lot, i mean gargantuan amounts.

welcome to the world baby Cameron!

how was your weekend?


Amber said...

He is soooo cute! I can't wait to see him in person!

Lynne said...

Great pictures of a great group.!!!