September 23, 2011

exciting news...!

no, i'm not pregnant. don't get your panties in a bunch.
but i do have some extra awesome news that i am too excited not to tell you about.

for the past couple years,
i've been trying to compile some items on my bucket list.
and while the list is still vastly incomplete...
it's been fun to continually add on to it and every once in a while i get to check something off.
a few of the items on my list include:
+own a burberry trench
+see Wimbledon live
+live in Cape Cod
+see the blue-roofed houses in Greece (getting checked off in JUNE! ;))
+own a vespa, and ride it often
+see the Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers New Year's Eve concert
+live in London for a year
+go to culinary school
+write for a magazine
+go to fashion week in NYC
+run a marathon post-child bearing
+go to Russia with Chin
+ride a train to Paris from another place in Europe
+kiss on the eiffel tower
+somehow acquire a southern accent

i try to stay realistic... emphasis on the try.
now onto the exciting news!
i've been given the amazing opportunity to check something off my bucket list.
Not previously mentioned, but very high up on my list is to work for j.crew.
and when i say "work" i don't mean folding clothes at the front of the store.
while that would still be fun and wonderful,
i have dreamed of working with the designers and fashion gurus at j.crew.
not designing myself... but doing something with PR or marketing, or anything behind the scenes there.
it is something that i almost try not to think about, because i want it so bad, but i've always been so scared that it would never happen.
a couple of weeks ago, as i was reading through j.crew's blog,
i noticed a link for "career opportunities." I clicked on it and strolled through that part of the website as I had a few other times before.
then i noticed something that i hadn't seen before...
information on being a J.Crew College Representative.
i was confused, thinking, "what the heck is a j.crew college rep?"
the webpage said to go to a local store to get more information.
so you bet your bottom that is exactly what i did. 
after talking to the nice girls at the store, i quickly knew that this was a great opportunity,
and this week i found out that it's actually happening!
I am officially BYU's J.Crew College Campus Representative.
and i could not be more excited.
While it's technically more of an internship (I don't get paid),
it's an opportunity to not only work in marketing and PR,
but i get to work for a revered fashion designer that rules the industry.
I'll have the opportunity to plan in-store events, plan events on campus and plan events around campus activities, provide j.crew promotional materials, and be a symbol of all that J.Crew represents. 
the incentives are great, and while i might not be able to be on the actual PR or marketing team at J.Crew someday, this is great enough for me.
I'm so excited for this opportunity, and I can't wait to get started!

i am feeling so incredibly blessed. my dream has come true -- literally!
just call me BYU's J.Crew go-to-girl. 

have an amazing weekend!


Ali said...

You're famous! I am so happy for you. And I expect to be one of the first to receive coupons and event details!

Kate Magleby said...

Oh. My. Gosh. THIS IS AWESOME!!!! i'm so excited for you!!!

Gentri said...

How exciting!! Congratulations! :D

Em said...

That's awesome!! Congrats Hayley!

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Um that is way exciting girl! :) You will do so well!!! And are you going to come to the blogger party or did you RSVP? :) PS. I'm following you on Twitter!!!! @Ashley_Katinka !