September 1, 2011

the week of all weeks

somehow i survived.
i don't think in all the 20 years i have been alive that i have had a more stressful week than the one i just endured.

i usually love the first week of school.
the classes are easy and short, there is minimal homework, and you get to see people and catch up and wear all of your latest and greatest back to school clothes.
this first week back to school was like a gladiator fight at the colosseum.
me against that hungry lion named school, a job, and writing for the Daily Universe (BYU's newspaper) trying to claw at me and eat away my flesh.
gruesome enough?

somehow i thought i could do this. 30 hours of work and school plus 20 hours of newspaper writing (un-paid........).
i guess it was just a little shocking to go from working a part-time job and traveling to my heart's content to then be plunged into a rather crazy semester.

i don't mean to complain, i know this is part of growing up.
i can do this... right?
did i mention i have to write a 120 page paper this semester?
cue gasp.

on a much brighter note, today while Chin plays golf with his Granddad, his Tutu and I are going to do sewing projects. I am going to try to recreate this anthropologie goodie:

wish me luck!
have a great weekend!

1 comment:

Laura said...

You can make it! Both for the semester, and the blouse. What a great fall color! Keep breathing, have some chocolate, and maybe even take a nap.

You can do it!