September 5, 2011

old treasures

recently we've been spending a lot of time with Chin's grandparents.
among the other busy things we did this weekend,
we headed up to salt lake and spent the night with them last night.
before we went to bed,
we looked at the nightstand in the guest room and noticed a couple pictures just lying around.

then we found this gem:
Chin's granddad is the tall buff guy on the left.
i love this picture!
the girl in it has an incredible vintage suit on, and i love seeing the memories from Chin's grandparents.

too awesome.

there's something about old pictures that makes me wish i grew up in a different time period.

how was your weekend?


Brooke Knecht said...

What a fun summer picture!

anna said...

i absolutely love old photographs. the apparel in this one is so fabulous! i also wish i could've grown up in a different era...