October 17, 2011

all that glitters is gold

this past friday, crafternoon was created.
it had been planned for a while, but turned into a tradition after pounds of glitter were spilled on Ali's shag carpet.
i met Maddy, Megan, and Ali in the newsroom, we all write for the Arts and Entertainment beat of the Daily Universe
i was surprised that we all became such good friends so quickly, but since we spend all day in the newsroom, we're practically inseparable.
and i am more than okay with that.

our afternoon consisted of SLAB, scary movies, glitter everywhere, and graham canyon ice cream from the BYU creamery.

 can we examine this picture? it is actually hilarious. we were all petrified while watching What Lies Beneath (you can never have too much Harrison Ford, and Michelle Pfeiffer is a babe!). we all screamed multiple times.

helllloooo glitter booties! I've been wanting to to this to my desert boots for a while now, and i finally got the courage to do it. i got them on clearance at target, so i wasn't too worried about messing with them. but i love them! i think they turned out great. outfit post featuring these bad boys coming soon.
also, ignore me in the background, i was trying not to spill my ice cream everywhere when i jumped.

to glitter my boots, all i used was fabric glue (i got it at michael's) and craft glitter. I sprinkled the glitter generously over the glued area and then tapped off the excess and let them dry!
how was your weekend?


Gentri said...

Um, those are AWESOME!!! Seriously!! I've been wanting to do something like that too! :) and ya, what lies beneath is about as scary as I can go... And I don't enjoy it.

Teenage Bride said...

that movie is SOOOO scary

Autumn said...

Looks like so much fun! I love girl time like that.