October 14, 2011


recently i've been feeling like the world is falling down on me.
there seems to be so much going on that all my efforts are mediocre, and all my attempts of doing great work, whether at school or at work are ruined by the fact that i have too much going on.
when i look around me, it seems like everyone is moving twice the speed, is twice as busy as me, and multiple times more successful.
i'd like to say i'm good under pressure, but at the moment, i'm falling behind.

and then there's christian. he continues to wake me up in the morning sweetly, and helps me make dinner when i'm too tired.
he rubs my back when i come home on thursdays and routinely cry about the week (it happens every. time.).
and he never complains. he never did complain when he was studying for the MCAT and taking 15 credits and juggling more things than i can possibly imagine.
and he never complains about how much i complain now.

everyday i find myself asking Heavenly Father why he gave me someone so perfect for me. Chin is better than anything i could have ever asked for.


Rolled Up Pretty said...

Sad...I know how you feel! It'll get better :) You two are an adorable couple!

Jaraka Drew Hansen said...

That is the sweetest thing... may have teared up a little bit. It's amazing how we find the people who lift us up and hold us tight.

Love your blog. :)

Autumn said...

I am totally there with you. I've come home from my teaching job stressed this whole school year (it's not even been that long) and crying a lot of the times because of the school drama and stress. My husband is always so pleasant and supportive...and I'm not sure I would be if I was living with me right now ;)