October 7, 2011

decorating for halloween

the pingrees are all sort of cheesiness up in here.
we don't do Halloween subtly.
it's all about the crazy colors and we're not concerned about chic halloween decorations.
it's pretty wild.
i didn't even buy any new decorations, but just recycled them from last year.

how are you decorating for Halloween?
have a great weekend, go BYU!


Megs said...

it was SOOOOOO good to meet you!! now that we both found out we're in Provo we need to hang out :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

look at that, I already follow you :) I thought I recognized you. meeting people in real life is so different! haha SO excited to have a friend in Provo... and no, you can't back out on being my friend. you stuck with me.

Kelsey Cole said...

YES! I just became your exact 100th follower! I feel like thats equivalent of picking up a lucky penny or somethin:) Thank you SO much for coming tonight! It was SO good meeting you!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

You are just like me with Halloween! I just reuse and reuse and reuse! I think I actually have something to be this year too, so that should be fun! K seriously, I am sad you didn't come to Kneaders with us after, I can tell you're hilarious. Let's for sure get together! Can't wait to keep reading your blog! Newest follower right here, I'm just sad I'm the 101 follower rather than the 100th. That would have been cooler. ha ha! Have a good lazy weekend, I know I am!

Autumn said...

It was nice meeting you last night :) I put some photos up on my blog, everyone is welcome to steal them or ask me for bigger copies.