October 10, 2011

a face to a name

this weekend i did something that i thought i would never EVER do.
seriously, it was way out of my comfort zone, but i am SO glad i decided to do it!
i went to a Blog Meet-up Party!
I always envied the bloggers who would go to meet-up parties, but i always thought i would be way too shy to go to one...
but when I saw on Gentri's blog that she was helping to organize the Utah Blogger Meet-Up Party, i decided i wanted to go.

yeah i was nervous. being in a room with complete strangers that i blog-stalk on the internet?
huh what?

it was so much fun though. seriously, the girls that were there were all SO NICE, and i loved getting know girls that i had never even met. i really tried to be outgoing and i think it really went well!
the party was at Dear Lizzie Boutique, and it was absolutely darling.

such cute girls! KatrinaMegan

thanks so much for a great evening and new friendships!

& thanks to all Savannah and Autumn for the pictures!


Gentri said...

Im so so glad you came!! Wasn't it so much fun?! :D we need to do it again!!

Gentri said...

And wasn't it you who I saw at the mall the next day??

Autumn said...

...and it was so fun! :) Do you live in Provo? It would be fun if we could all meet up and just do something small like lunch.

Megan and Justin said...

looks like fun! i was so sad I couldn't make it!

The Pingrees said...

Gentri, yes yes it was! I felt so bad I was in a super hurry I couldn't sit down and chat.
and Autumn, yes I do! We should definitely get a group together to do lunch. :)

Megs said...

yes lunch!!! let's do it!

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Awe it was so good to meet you! I'm glad you decided to come! :) I never thought I would be helping throw a party for bloggers hahaha....so random but it just turned into it and happened! Too bad we didn't know each other in Provo! :( You'll have to move out to Fort Collins haha OR COlorado somewhere :)