October 4, 2011

little seamstress

well guess what pals,
yours truly got herself a sewing machine!
when we were home in September, my mom and I found this little beauty, all the way from the vintage year of 1975. 
she was 7 dollars at a thrift store.

she finally made it out to Utah,
and last name Chin and I named her Big Mama.

i can't wait to get started!
first on my list:
kirsten is going to help me make a skirt. a navy and white striped skirt to be exact.

any other project suggestions for a beginning sewer?


Ali said...

We can take a sewing class and become seamstresses and sew all the stuff we want!

Aubrey said...

Wow! Great find! I love the vintage sewing machine- it makes me wonder what else has it been used to make. Good luck with your sewing.

I don't have any project suggestions- but just be prepared to make mistakes. Sometimes they turn out great and it's fun to deviate from the pattern sometimes! :) Have fun!