October 3, 2011

our weekend

as several of you know, this past weekend was General Conference.
and while i feel like a lot of people have already written about their conference experience,
I thought that we should add ours.
conference was wonderful.
we drove up to Salt Lake on Saturday morning to watch at the Conference Center with Devin and Robli, and I can never get enough of watching our church leaders speak in person.

i love the conference center. all of the happy people who were just as excited as us to be there, all the little kids in their Sunday best, and the vast, beautiful building that still ceases to amaze me.

i loved being able to be with Chin the whole weekend.
On Sunday morning we slept in and laid on the couch all morning, watching conference and eating pumpkin waffles.
it was splendid to say the least.

to learn more about what General Conference is all about, click here.

how was your weekend?

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