October 25, 2011

meat me at the steak center

last night chin and i went on a much needed date.
this past weekend was crazy (more on that later) and recently i've been having some serious trouble with my back, and it was nice to not have to stand in the kitchen and cook.
we decided to go to the Steak Center, a local restaurant that i wrote a story on for the Daily Universe
the owner gave Chin and I a free "Date Night Special" on the house for writing the story, and we were really excited to redeem their sweet gift.

we might have found a new favorite steak house.
the food is delicious, and i felt like i was at home with my mom cooking for me.
the Date Night Special included:
bottomless drinks (i drank a HUGE mug of diet coke and was in heaven for the rest of the night)
two steaks/entrees
two sides
endless homemade rolls with fresh honey butter
& a dessert to share,
all for $25. yeah yeah babay.
if you're in Provo, we highly recommend you stop at the Steak Center!

the rolls practically melt in your mouth they are so divine. seriously though, i felt like i was eating buttery, gooey cinnamon rolls.... for dinner.

tmi: i peed 3 times in a half hour after drinking that much diet coke.

 i chose the angus sirloin, which was perfectly cooked, and opted for the crispy green beans. Chin had the ribeye with "funeral potatoes" (ha i totally love it!).

 For dessert we chose the Blondie Lava Cake, like a molten chocolate cake but much lighter, fluffier, and decadent.
it consisted of vanilla cake filled with warm white chocolate ganache, topped with fresh whipped cream and homemade raspberry sauce.

Chin might kill me, but i thought this picture was hilarious... he ate too many rolls to count. :)


Elisabeth said...

that looks so fun - and what a great deal...ben and i will have to try it out :) thanks for sharing :)

Lindsay R said...

wow... that looks really good. especially the rolls. i always am up for a good steak place.


glad you got to the bathroom alright :)

Megan and Justin said...

oh my gosh this place looks amazing. you had me at rolls!