October 26, 2011

our weekend

this weekend Chin and I had both of our parents in town. 
and while it was unbelievably busy, it was wonderful.
i feel really lucky to have wonderful parents as well as loving in-laws, i love both of my families so much!

on Saturday we had the opportunity to go to the Draper temple to watch a sealing of one of the Pingree's family friends. The wedding was beautiful. Elder Neil L. Anderson (one of the leaders of our church) was the sealer, and he spoke with such power and love, and was so personable.
He gave great advice, and reminded the couple that they should never think that what brought them together was a coincidence, but it was the hand of God.

what a beautiful temple and a beautiful couple! the weather was perfect and the view over Salt Lake valley was incredible.

On Sunday, we saw my family at our nephew Cameron's baby blessing. he was so cute and there was such a spirit of love in the room.

i was sad so see my mom leave but loved having her and my dad here for the weekend!

and i love this kid. and i think he's mighty handsome.

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Kylie said...

Hayley you're adorable! Hope you had a great weekend!