November 17, 2011


this morning i put on my favorite sweater. i've had it since my sophomore year in high school, a clearance sweater from Land's End that looks kind of boyish, but is warm, bulky, and knit to perfection. 
When i walked into the kitchen for breakfast, i was surprised when Chin remarked that he remembered the first time he saw me where it. 
it was the day before finals my freshman year, and me and my girl friends had been studying in a room in the Tanner building on campus, studying to the death to pass our classes. 
for dinner we met up with Chin, so he could meet my friends for the first time. 
i looked grubby, hair in a braid, my favorite sweater and a pair of cords.
but somehow Chin never forgot it. 
i laughed when he told me about this memory, because i never forgot that day that he met my friends, and when he left for school this morning, i looked through my old photobooth pictures and found this gem from that day almost two years ago:

i feel like i look so different now, like i was just a baby even though it wasn't too long ago. 

so then i decided to take a mirror picture... two years older and wiser too
it's funny how something as silly as an old sweater can bring such vivid memories.
am i the only one that this has happened to?
tell me i'm not crazy?


Autumn said...

I totally do that too.

I can't put my finger on why, but you definitly look younger in the first one.

What a sweet memory :)

elizabeth, eliza, liza, liz, elles, etc. said...

i can tell you pretty much all the dates anything significant something happened between nathan & i. some outfits included. i love sweet memories like that! cute posttt.

Kylie said...

Hayley, two things:

1. the cupcakes below look delicious. I wish I had time to try them out this week but now friday has rolled around and i'm exhausted.

2. You're gorgeous and have matured so elegantly! 20s may be your best years yet! Have a great thanksgiving season :)

Lynne said...

You are much more beautiful now. And wiser too. I miss you!