November 21, 2011

weekend weekend weekend

Happy Monday! Did you all have a great weekend?

Some highlights of ours:
+crafternoon! always a highlight. SLAB pizza, 10 Things I Hate About You, and making wreaths.
+Dinner with Ali and Aaron. We ate ourselves SICK.
+Dressing like a librarian, and being fine with it. I got some new shoes! Italian leather and totally worth it. Plus, they were on sale.

+Dessert and a movie (we finally saw The Help! Soooo good) with friends, and running into Elizabeth and Nathan! 
+playing with a visiting dog staying at my sister's house, little Ozzy!

+celebrating my sister's birthday with family (and more on that pie tomorrow!). I love my family so much.

  + Celebrating Maddy's birthday complete with cake, Daily Universe friends, and me being completely awkward in public (common occurrence). 
 Today we're off to Denver for Thanksgiving, and I am so ready for a nice holiday break. 
what are your plans for Thanksgiving? 

1 comment:

Kylie said...

Your new shoes are divine, I love them! I found a cute pair similar but most definitely not as nice at Target! 20 bucks!

Have such a great thanksgiving in Denver, I'm sure you will cook up something fabulous so be sure to post recipes/ pictures! Brendan is joining me at my uncles house this year for thanksgiving in the woods!