November 11, 2011

grateful on friday

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday and a special day (11/11/11 make a wish!)
I thought I would start writing down some thankfuls on here on friday.
 there are so many things around me that i'm thankful for, and i want to share just a few on here!
+Fall foliage. While I often complain that we don't have great scenery in Provo compared to the east, i love walking down the street by the local duck pond and tromping through the red, yellow, and orange leaves.

+Friends who are in tune with me. i had so many times this week when friends really stepped up when i needed it the most, and it meant the world.

+The swimming pool. I've always been a terrible swimmer, but i've been swimming laps lately (and walking for my back... i'm 20 going on 85 yep) and i love it.
+Being Christian. I'm grateful to have beliefs based on the gospel of Jesus Christ, and for religious freedom in our wonderful country.

+My grandpas. Not only on Veteran's day but everyday. They fought for our country and are an inspiration of bravery to me.
+my favorite brown boots. I could sleep in them.

+And last but not least, I can't forget Chin. He's my daily dose of sunshine.
What are you grateful for?
Please please share! :)

have a great weekend!

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Mrs W said...

I love your blog, style, recipes and perspective on life! Thanks for sharing all you do. :)

Today I'm especially grateful for my hardworking husband.