November 29, 2011

moments i don't want to forget

Chin is my best friend.
And sometimes there are moments where I feel like my heart is ready to burst, and I am so full of joy, like every part of me is complete and Christian is the biggest part of that. And I wish I could explain it but sometimes there aren't any words to do it justice.
I don't like to gush too much on here about sappy marriage stuff, you got enough of it from me when we first got married, and I try to keep it to a minimum. You all know that I obviously love Chin, since I am married to him and all.

But sometimes there are moments that I have to write down, so I never forget them. And since I'm a bad journal-keeper, I'm resorting to here. Hope you don't mind.
+The other day Christian taught me how to shine my shoes. As a little girl I would watch my dad shine his shoes before work, and I was always fascinated by the shiny leather, the strange smell of the polish, and watching my dad do "grown up stuff." I've never had a pair of shoes that needed polishing, so when I wanted to polish my new oxfords, I had no clue where to start. Without hesitation, Christian whipped out his polishing kit, his own cognac-colored dress shoes, and taught me how to polish my shoes to perfection. It was something so simple, but ended up being so fun. I never want to forget that moment.

+A lot of times, when we're sitting in the car, conversation is limited. It's not that we don't like to talk to each other, or that we're bored, it just seems like car rides are good for reflecting, and usually we like to sit and hold hands, and Chin drives and I watch out the window. But on our way to Denver last week, I think we were both a little hyper and over-excited to be going that we blasted some Beatles tunes, and sang practically the whole way to the airport. It sounds silly but it actually was a blast, and I was a little hoarse by the time we got to Salt Lake.

+Last night, we walked out of the grocery store, headed to the car and started jamming our goodies into the trunk. I didn't realize that Christian had disappeared until I was almost done putting the groceries in the car. I looked behind me and there's Christian, helping an elderly lady put her groceries in her car. He opened the door for her, made sure she got in her car safe, and then put away her cart and came over to help me. It wasn't a huge deal, but it just made me feel really really really really really lucky that I got someone who loves and cares for everyone. I chose my love, and I sure do love my choice.

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Melissa said...

So sweet!

Teenage Bride said...

this just warms my heart.

Much love to you both

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