November 30, 2011

Trimming the Tree

With November quickly disappearing on us (where did this past month go? seriously.), we took down our very limited Thanksgiving decorations, and decided to move onto Christmas. This year we're going to be in Utah for Christmas, so I decided to put a little bit more effort into the Christmas decorations, since we'll actually be here to enjoy them. 
So on Monday night, up went the tree and all its trimmings, the table is set, and the little decorating details are a plenty.

We haven't had a dinner party yet for the Christmas season, so our table is relatively low key for now. I used a cream tablecloth, a Christmas patterned/burlap table runner made by my mother, and crystal votives surrounded by pine cone and holly garland.
Don't you love these awesome Santa-faced napkin rings too? They go so well with the red place mat and green napkins, and I think they are so festive. I got them at a home boutique in Denver a few weeks ago.

Mini stockings hang from our mantle, not too far from our tree. My mom and I picked them up at Old Navy years ago, but I think they would be pretty easy to make?

This perfect little nativity set goes perfect on our mantle, and was a gift from my mother-in-law. purchased here.

vintagey lace stockings: yes please.

My sister made me this perfectly framed subway art last year, and i've been waiting 12 months to put it up! I seriously love it. I think it ties everything together in our house, and adds one more holiday touch.

And our good old tree. Yes it's white, and a little bit retro... But I love it! I think it's so funky and always a good conversation piece. Plus, it brightens up our apartment like crazy and brings out the ornaments and makes the colors on the tree pop. As much as I like all things classic, I love the feel of this tree.

Have you started to decorate for Christmas?
What do you think of our decorations?

p.s. I'm so excited to announce a giveaway that's coming up soon with my dear friend Ali, so stay tuned this week! 


Maddy said...

Giveaway with Ali!?!?! I WANT THOSE OLD BOOTS!

Elisabeth said...

hayley your apartment is so cute! love all of your decorations and the way you put it all together :)

The Pingrees said...

Maddy- not old boots, i wish! I'll tell you more about the giveaway in the newsroom today. :)

Elisabeth- Thanks so much! I bet your apartment is adorable, I want to see it sometime!

Melissa said...

I'm coming to the newsroom just to hear about the giveaway. Also to see you. xoxoxoxoxo

thecrawfords0831 said...

Love Love Love the vintage stockings....I started making some holiday the season!