November 1, 2011

that moment when your husband knows you WAY too well.

With the way things have been so hectic lately, i've fallen into a routine when I get home from school/the Daily Universe/work/meetings/grocery shopping/crafternooning/whatever the heck else happens through out the day.

it goes a little something like this:

1. Huff and puff up the stairs to our apartment, and walk in the door drenched in sweat (no matter what the temperature is). 
2. Sprint (literally) to the bathroom because I have this weird thing about peeing in public restrooms. Does anyone else have this problem? Or maybe it's just me. TMI? maybe. whatever.

3. Wash my hands, then strip off all my sweaty, dirty clothing, until i'm down to my bare little knickers.
look, i get it that i am SO WEIRD. I promise this story is going somewhere.

4. Proceed to put on yoga pants and Chin's blue J.Crew oxford. it's the comfiest shirt in the world, and it smells like him. win-win.

5. head to the kitchen and proceed to eat 4-5 cheese sticks. drug of choice? yesterday i had to substitute ice cream because i haven't grocery shopped this week...

6. Run to my bed and put the blankets over my head and watch episodes of Greek and or Gossip Girl and or Desperate Housewives until Chin comes home to save me.

anyways, yesterday ChinPing came home and just laughed when he walked into the bedroom. he then guessed the past described chain of events PERFECTLY after noticing my heap of school clothes laying right outside the bathroom, seeing the bathroom light still on, and examining the empty bowl of ice cream sitting on our bedside shelf.

i'd like to think he guessed perfectly because he knows me way too well. or maybe it's just because i'm bad at hiding evidence.


Chantel said...

hahahaha, this sounds like my routine too! Jay can also always guess what i've been up to based on the "evidence" laying around the apartment!

Gentri said...

hahaha! love this. :)

Courtney B said...

YES!! I have the hardest time with public restrooms! I seriously get stage fright! I hate it when people can hear the "tinkle" haha. Definitely tmi :)
Love that our men know us so well ;)