October 31, 2011


remember that time i told you guys about crafternoon?
well this week, instead on just spending an afternoon glittering shoes,
the glitter girls and i spent a good 24 hours crafting, laughing, eating, taking pictures, picnicing, and all the girly things that girls do.


for our craft we put elbow patches on sweaters, which ended up taking FOREVER, but was so worth it. 

 i feel really lucky to have gotten to know these girls. we became friends instantaneously, and spending every day in the Daily Universe newsroom has only solidified our friendship even more.
did i mention that we had a sleepover? Poor Chin, he's such a trooper.

 all photos courtesy of Ali Ann Kirk.

 p.s. Happy Halloween! Details on our costumes coming... soon.


Kylie said...

Enough is enough, we need to meet at some point because you're awesome! I love your idea of crafternoon and wish that anyone I knew would be down with it (cough maureen cough), maybe? Anyways, I love the whole elbow pads on sweaters look, especially old grandpa sweaters, and may or may not go hunting at the Goodwill for something of the sort...Good idea!

Rand-MOE-ness said...

So cute- miss crafts with you hayley and ding dong ditching people to leave them at their doors. Love it. Haha Kylie too funny :) you got that right!