December 7, 2011

When I Can't Make Up My Mind

So remember that post when I showed you my Christmas decorations for this year?
Well I changed them. Already. And it is only December 7th.
Not completely, but I was feeling like I really wanted something new and special to add to our decor this year since we'll be here for more than two weeks to enjoy them.
Last weekend I spent mostly with my mother, and she helped me come up with some more ideas of how to decorate that were inexpensive but added a little bit more sophistication and fun to our home.

In my previous post you'll remember that my mantle was a hot mess. It was too small to have those huge stockings sitting on them, but too big for just a small nativity scene. It looked a little ridiculous. My sister had some leftover garland that she let me use, and I think with the little stockings it makes my mantle look so much better! What do you think?

Not a whole lot changed here... except for some added glitter! I found these sparkly little numbers at Hobby Lobby, and they added so much more flare than my old green candles. 

Our nativity now sits on our side table, with a jinglybell candle holder found at Z-Gallerie for three dollars.

I also changed up my tree! My mom helped me make book page ornaments (which were super easy and found on Pinterest!), cascading ribbon, and a few more ornaments to turn my color scheme from green, aqua, and red to gold, silver, green and touches of classic red.

An easy tree topper. I'd still like to find a real one, but a bow will do for now.

A refurbished tree much classier than the last.

What do you think of my changes? Be honest!

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Elisabeth said...

love it hayley - so gorgeous :) i especially love what you've done to the mantle and the tree :)

Moe said...

So cute, as always!