January 10, 2012

A Good Old Fashioned Pizza Party

Over Christmas break, my dear friend Kirsten (the birthday girl in the striped dress), turned 21! We didn't get to celebrate before Christmas to once we got back from break she hosted a little get together at SLAB, and it was such a fun night.
She was the first person I met in my very first class my first day of college freshman year.
She plopped down right next to me in the 3rd row, introduced herself, and it was love at first sight.
She was wearing a perfect white Ralph Lauren oxford with bermuda shorts and strappy sandals, and I knew we were meant to be friends. 
We've been best friends ever since and I can't believe that she's 21!

These are my best friends. And they are perfect.

The party ended up being so fun and a huge success. Even Chin decided to make an appearance. :)

Happy birthday sweet girl!


Kristie said...


I am sure you are a very, very nice girl, with a lot of amazing qualities and a lot of academic potential.

However, I have been biting my tongue for quite some time.

Most of your posts come off as quite superficial and materialistic. I know you have a great deal more potential than talking about what you are going to wear on vacation, or what your best friend was wearing the first day you met her.

I challenge you to take away the materialism and superficiality of your life and truly focus on what matters: the depth of your friends and family's character traits, charity towards those that need it, and strengthening your own character, and what Heavenly Father has been teaching you your entire life: to follow him.

Yours truly.

Jaraka Drew Hansen said...

First, I just want to say that I disagree with the comment above the one I'm about to write. I love reading your blog. I love hearing about your fashion choices and the fun and exciting things in your life. Plenty of people choose to write about other things, great! But, I, for one, LOVE your blog. It's one of my favorite and I read every single new post.

Now, the real reason for the comment is because for the first time you became a real live person for me! Kirsten is in the Relief Society presidency with me and it was so startling for me to see a picture of someone I actually knew! In my head your somewhat of a celebrity! Anyway, I love that girl and I think she dresses very classy and beautifully. As do you.

The Pingrees said...

Jaraka! So fun we have a mutual friend, thanks so much for commenting and being so supportive. I would love to meet you sometime! I'll have to come to Kir's ward sometime or something. :)

Kristie, I'm not sure if you'll check back and read this comment, but in case you do...
What I choose to put on my blog is my choice. As much as I appreciate you trying to tell me what I should write about, this blog is just for fun. I typically write about the less serious side of my personal life and keep it casual. I do that because this blog isn't my whole life, and I do a lot of things outside of it, that don't show up in a post.
So if you think I come off superficial, then that's your choice. I do however, think it's unfair to judge me based off what I post on here, which isn't really an accurate depiction of my entire personal life. Yes, what I got for Christmas and what my friend wore on the first day of school is a part of my life, but it doesn't define me.
I became friends with Kirsten because she is honestly one of the sweetest and most kind people I have ever met, we have a ton in common, and she is a genuine and lovely person. The part about what she was wearing was pretty much a joke, and I was just commenting on how we had a similar sense of style.

If you don't like what I post on my blog, then I will encourage you not to read it, since no one is making you. I would love it if you could support me and understand that we all choose to write about different things, but if not then I understand. I will not, however, change what I write about to please others.

I hope I don't sound rude or offensive, because that's not my intention. I just hope you see where I'm coming from as a blogger.

Amber said...

As I was looking at this post, Brighton was in his high chair behind me. When I was looking at the picture of you and Chin, he got so excited and started laughing! I think that was his way of saying that he misses his Aunt Hayley and Uncle Chin! Love you!

Mrs W said...

Your blog is awesome. Fact.

That party looks super fun!