January 9, 2012

A Very Sperry Christmas

The longer that Christian and I are married, the more I think we're becoming exactly alike. And I'm totally okay with that. I was told it would happen.
And while we are still so vastly different in several ways, it's fun to see us evolve together and see our minds start to think more and more alike.

So this year for Christmas. Chin had no idea what he wanted. His famous quote of the month of December, "but I don't NEED anything." Which is honestly a great way to think, especially during Christmas time. But anyways, I was not having it. I wasn't just not going to get my husband anything for Christmas.

So I decided on a new pair of Sperry Top Siders. He was in desperate need of some, and I found these new ones that were perfect. Brown leather, white soles, with a hidden layer of fuzzy warmth on the inside. Can you say perfect winter shoe? PERFECT WINTER SHOE.

Meanwhile, I had been hinting about these Sperry  boots that I wanted for quite some time (as noted on my Christmas list). I wasn't expecting to get them simply because Chin's not a particularly great "hint-taker" and I just figured I'd buy them with any Christmas money that I got. 
But to my surprise, we both opened up Sperrys on Christmas! It was so funny to see how our minds have molded. And not to mention the fact that last year we both bought shoes for each other last Christmas. 
A new shoe Christmas tradition? I'm not sure but it's definitely looking that way!

Has anyone else noticed that they're becoming more like their husband? Or even your roommates? 
Or maybe we're just crazy.


Kaitlin Marie Photography said...

CUTE BOOTS! Ashley & I were talking about that with roommates the other day! I came to college totally hating cuddling, but all you girls freshman year changed that about me. Now I'm a pathetic hug fest.

Laura Darling said...

Haha what are the chances?! This is awesome!

Elisabeth said...

yupp - ben and i definitely have started speaking alike and its really bizarre :)

love the shoe tradition :)