January 5, 2012

Planning Ahead

Now that school has started back up, I feel obligated to start planning for the light that's at the end of the tunnel (never too soon!). I'll be in school until the end of June, and immediately after, we're flying away to do some summer traveling. And while I love all things winter, it's fun to plan ahead and start making a mental packing list for vacation. And I think I'm in denial that we're back in school.
 I'll try not to gab too much about vacation on here, because I realize that it can probably sound annoying. But I guess I am just really REALLY excited. And we all know school's not my thing. Favorite thing at least.

So I put together some design boards on Polyvore, because you can literally put together anything type of clothing you want, and it's great for helping to piece together outfits and such!

Red, Navy, White, and Tan
A summer classic. Nautical and crisp, with touches of femininity. I love the metallic tan peplum blouse (According to Vogue, Peplum is the new jacket style of spring/summer!) which would be great with the navy sweater on a brisk summer's night. And that WATCH. Yeah I think I have to have that (I wish).


White, Salmon, Brown, and Navy
I plan on wearing way to many skirts this summer. These pleated skirts below are so airy and light, and are perfect for traveling. They are modest enough to not have to worry about them showing too much, but not too long that they would be hard to walk in for a long period of time. Also, can you tell I like satchels and wedges? 
Such a problem. But I really think that wedges are the best shoes ever invented. They're strapped to your feet so they're much easier to walk in than other pumps, and they have solid platforms that can sustain you for a whole day of sight-seeing and exploring.


What do you guys think? Do you think I'm just insane for thinking about this already? If you're traveling at all this summer, have you thought about it?


Mrs W said...

Ooh, I'm pretty sure I'm in love with that brown satchel bag. It's never too early to plan for fun in the sun! :)

Kylie said...

I definitely think that these boards are amazing, great picks! I'm not sure if I would jump to summer just yet seeming the upstate NY weather is basically a muddy spring right now but good for you for getting a head start!