February 21, 2012


Well. Today is my birthday.
My golden birthday to be exact.
And it's been a golden day so far.
In fact, 2012 has been 24 kt. so far.

Last year on my birthday I was relatively distraught. I was so upset for some reason that my teenage years were ending; I thought I was turning into some old lady or something.
But this year, for my 21st, I've been so excited to finally be an adult.
I feel like turning 21 is all about the transformation.
I'm turning from a child into a lady.
Trading toys for pearls, but still a little girl at heart.

I'm so excited to learn even more about myself this year, and to continue to strive to become someone worthy of my friends and family. 

If there's anything that these 21 years have taught me, it's that no matter what, no matter how good we behave or how eloquently we speak, we will still do something that we don't look back on fondly. 
But even though the past can't be changed, the future is in our power.

I thought out some goals for myself during my 21st year to record on here so I don't forget...
+cook more
+go to bed earlier
+assume the best in people
+listen intently without distractions
+go on walks
+be happy with my self image
+eat more veggies
+wear more high heels
+become less embarrassing at pilates
+be nice to everyone I meet

I tried to make doable goals, so hopefully I can do them. :)
Have a great Tuesday!


The Bradley's said...

happy birthday Hayley! Welcome to being an official adult. Just wait till you approach 30! I hope you have a fabulous day!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Hayley! You are a ray of sunshine and example to us all. Grateful that I know you and am excited to get to know you better. Hope you have a beautiful birthday!

Jenny said...

Happy birthday! Those are some great goals, many that I should also set for myself!
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