February 22, 2012


I feel a little overwhelmed. Yesterday ended up being one of the best days that I can remember in a long long time. It might have been my best birthday of all time.

Between the incredible acts of love and kindness from my family and friends, I felt way too undeserving of the wonderful people in my life.
I feel like I've been celebrating my birthday for a week or two now, and yesterday was the climax of a very memorable few days of my life.

Just a few highlights from yesterday:
Having a dine in chef (aka my lady friend Ali) come make breakfast for me. She showed up at my door with ingredients in hand, a new yoga mat, a few balloons, and a big heaping portion of love. The french toast was divine and whenever we're together I can't help thinking that we're soulmates. 

Cupcakes from my sister, Maren. She also showed up at my door, but had in hand my darling niece and too many cupcakes for my own good. She knows the way to my heart.

 All the cards, texts, tweets, facebook posts, phone calls, and personal messages wishing me a Happy Birthday. It's amazing how special social media can make you feel in such a big world. Thanks to anyone and everyone who contributed to making me feel like the biggest princess.

Coming home from dinner to flowers & the prettiest frame from my best pals Eliza, Kirsten, Jane, and Katie. My angels since freshman year, they still are the most loyal and genuine friends I could ask for.

Dining at the Tree Room at Sundance with Chin (and Ben Stiller... details below). For the second year in a row we've eaten at the Tree Room for my birthday. Easily my favorite restaurant, it continues to impress me by offering complete sophistication in the most rustic and comforting environment possible. No snooty waiters or uptight seating arrangements. Only people who want to make your experience the best it could possibly be. It's always an escape from Provo and a hidden treasure that I can't really live without.

Everything from their Native American wall hangings to the roaring fireplace, to the simple table settings and couches instead of chairs remind me of trips to Utah as a child and the simple pleasures of Winter.

We started our meal with their Amuse Bouche: A crisp tofu with an Asian twist. I couldn't remember what our waiter called it, but it was delicious. Soy Sauce makes everything taste better.

Sundance rolls: homemade bread with small white grapes baked in. They add a sweet kick to each bite.

As an appetizer we shared the Braised Niman Ranch Lamb Ravioli. For someone who was very skeptical about eating lamb (I'm still feeling terrible about eating something so cute and fluffy), it was delicious.

I chose the Glazed Duck Breast with Pecan Risotto and Shaved Brussels Sprouts for my entree. The cranberry glaze was absolutely to die for, and I could have eaten that Pecan Risotto for the rest of my life. Granted, I'm pretty sure it had lots and lots of wine in the base, and I decided to stop eating it about halfway through- you know, just in case (I didn't want to get tipsy, even if I am 21 now). 

Chin got his usual Tree Room meal, the Pan Roasted Organic Chicken. This time the chef served it with a sweet potato gratin and a spaghetti squash. Chin claimed that the sweet potato gratin was the best potato he had ever had. I have a lot to live up to now.

We were way too stuffed for dessert (plus I ate about 6 lbs. of sugar yesterday) so we just snacked on our hazelnut chocolate truffles and were one our way.

Perhaps the most exciting part of our night at the Tree Room was sitting next to Ben Stiller and his wife, Christine Taylor. YEAH that Ben Stiller aka the super celebrity. It was so funny because at first I had no idea, I was just minding my own business until our waiter secretly told us. Honestly, Ben is an itty bitty man (he can't be more than 5'6 or 5'7) and his hair is quite salt and peppery, so he looked pretty normal until I did a double take. They were at the table next to us, and we tried to hide our excitement discreetly. We decided to not bother them and give them some privacy, because we're so classy like that (HA). Let's just say we were distracted during our meal and such. 

We don't really fit in with the crowd at the Tree Room, but it was fun to try for a night at least.
Maybe someday. 


Emma Koller said...

I just realized you have the same birthday as my fiance! Good day to be born!

Melissa said...

You are so beautiful. I hope you had a happy birthday, love!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Too cool! I have never been there but have heard tons about it :) I would love to go sometime. Oh and happy birthday girl, great picture of you two!