February 12, 2012

Day 12: DIY J.Crew Heart Sweater

I saved one of the the best crafts for last. Well not last, but close to the end of the 14 Days of Valentine's. 
Remember this sweater?
That one from J.Crew that was totally perfect, but also totally out of my price range?
Well, the other day, I added up the amount of money it would cost me to buy everything at J.Crew that I currently want.
The price was scary (like over $1,000 scary), and unrealistic.
But if I even want to come close to buying just a few of those items that I want (not $1000 worth I promise you that), I figured I'd better start saving now, and DIYing a few more things.

I got the idea to make my own J.Crew heart sweater from Sarah, who made her own after being in a situation similar to mine: we both didn't want to pay $90 for a sweater we could make ourselves!
So with the help of my darling friend Eliza, two camel colored clearance sweaters from Target and some black felt, we made a darling sweater that can be worn all winter long (not just for Valentine's Day). 

DIY J.Crew Heart Sweater:
 What you'll need:
One sweater (We bought ours here for $12 each), We used a camel color, but J.Crew did camel with a black heart, red with a pink heart, and navy with a green heart.
A large sheet of felt (we did black)
Black thread

Cut out a large heart to fit your sweater by folding your felt in half, and drawing a one-sided heart in order to make it even. Cut out the heart, unfold, and pin onto your sweater.

The next step is a no brainer. Sew your heart onto your sweater! You could hand stitch or use your sewing machine. We used a sewing machine to save time. 

Cut off your extra threads...

And there you have it! A perfectly darling J.Crew replica made for about $15. The savings? Close to $75. Plus, they are all sold out online (I'm pretty sure they're not making it anymore). 
You could wear this sweater all fall and winter. Seriously though I'm obsessed with it. 
Outfit post with it coming tomorrow! 


Brooke said...

You are so cute. The end.

Mrs W said...

This is such a good idea! Your sweater is darling!

Marissa McLean said...

I made my own Valentine's Day shirt too! Also with a black heart but with fabric paint and a red shirt. Maybe someday I will learn to sew like you, yours looks great :)