February 13, 2012

Day 13: A Valentine's Day Outfit

Call me crazy, but I've worn this sweater three days in a row now. I decided to take a break for today, but I can't help thinking that I'll probably wear it AGAIN on Valentine's Day.
I'm a freak.
As much as I love a good pencil skirt, there's something about a fuller skirt that I just adore. Maybe it's because it adds a girlier feel to an outfit, or that it can dress up an outfit without looking too formal. Either way, between the sweater and one of my favorite skirts (I've had it since I was 17), my new shoes and a fun pair of tights, I'm ready for love day.

And I'm also ready to start blogging about real life things again too! As much fun as these last two weeks have been (for me at least), a lot has happened and I want to share it all with you! 
So starting Wednesday, I'll be back to blogging about our V-Day festivities, my birthday plans, a trip to a tree, the superbowl, and all the other craziness that has been our life in the first two weeks of February. 
I'm a big fan of mismatching pinks. I thought this belt (a $3 find at F21 mind you) added a brighter touch to an otherwise neutral outfit.

Resorting back to taking photos in the comfort and warmth of our home. And I can't wait until we get our own furniture when we move in July. No more purple couches!

On my wish list all Winter, I finally cracked and bought these shoes on sale at Nordstrom (found here) the other week. I want to wear them everywhere. They have a nice chunky heel, so I never feel off balance or too high off the ground.
Target/DIY sweater, Ralph Lauren button down, DownEast skirt, Gap tights, Sam Edelman heels, Forever 21 necklace and belt, Fossil watch

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