February 4, 2012

Day 4: Heart Covered Wax Paper

Remember those fun tea bags from like what, 3 days ago? 
Well, if you want to wrap those up, or any Valentine's Day treat for that matter, this is the way to do it.
This is the cheapest, easiest craft possibly of them all that I'm sharing.
And it ends up being so cute and festive!
I know I say that about all my crafts.

Heart Covered Wax Paper
What you'll need:
Heart puncher (or you could cut out hearts by hand)
1 roll of Wax Paper
Red tissue paper 
Iron and Ironing board

1. Punch/Cut out several hearts out of your red tissue paper.
2. Lay out your ironing board and turn your iron onto medium heat.
3. Cover your ironing board with paper towels.

4. Cut out two pieces of wax paper (the same size), and on one piece of the wax paper, distribute the hearts evenly over the paper. 
5. Cover with the other piece of wax paper to sandwich the hearts, and place the papers onto the ironing board.
6. Cover the paper with more paper towels, then iron over the paper towels. The wax paper will melt together and become one paper covered with hearts!

Use your heart-covered wax paper to wrap up gifts (like teabags)...

Or use it to wrap up treats!

Can you seriously resist these?

Happy Saturday!

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Jenny said...

That is so dang cute, I might have to steal this idea! I hope to meet you at the BYU Blogger Meet Up...I would love if you would follow me back :)
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