February 7, 2012

Day 7: A Love Playlist by Guest Blogger Tara

I'm so excited to have Tara guest posting for me today! I've looked up to her for a long time (she's practically like a sister!). Tara graduated from BYU's PR program, and has always been a role model in my life. Plus, she's just so cool. She always knows what's the latest and greatest, and she has great style. Be nice to her and enjoy her words!


hello hello!

i'm tara, and i blog over at blogs by tara (and i also have a new running blog, monster feet), but i tweet a lot more than i blog (follow me!!). i live in philadelphia, by way of upstate new york and provo, utah. i've known hayley since she was just a little young thing, and her blog is a not-so-secret love of mine. i was delighted when she asked if i would guest post for this fun v-day series, and i hope you enjoy what i have to share!

i'm so excited to spread the word about one of my favorite times of the year, a fun celebration known as "love week." my amazing friend lindsay coined the term during our freshman year at BYU (05-06...i know, i'm OLD) as a way to bridge the time between her birthday, february 8th, and valentine's day. since then, i've been celebrating love week no matter where i live.

celebrating love week is pretty simple:

  • wear at least one of the official love week colors every day: red, pink, white, purple, and brown (for chocolate!)
  • love everyone
  • no moping about being single - it's about loving your friends and family, too!
  • listen to the love week soundtrack every day
i have so many great memories of love weeks past. in its inagural year, my entire floor woke up on valentine's day to roses and chocolate from the boys in our ward who were all in on the fun. in 2007, lindsay and i made dozens of those sliced pillsbury cookies and walked around provo delivering the cookies and the yearly soundtrack to all of our friends. in 2009 we spent an entire day compiling the soundtrack, burning cds, and started the week off with a soundtrack release party, complete with a step-and-repeat background and subsequent photoshoot.

lindsay always ended the week with her "finale outfit," that usually included her trademark red velour tracksuit, a pink shirt, and lots of red, pink, and gold heart shaped jewelry. along with her trademark crazy curly hair and one-of-a-kind contagious laugh, you couldn't help but feel the love.

as you can tell, love week holds a very special place in my heart. although i'll most likely be single on v-day this year, love week gives me (and you!) the opportunity to remember that we can give and find love to and from so many people in our lives.

with that, i present to you the 2012 LOVE WEEK SOUNDTRACK! i hope you enjoy it, listen to it daily, and wear it out just like i wore out my backstreet boys CD in 1999 from too many spins around the discman ;).

there are two ways to listen - through this spotify playlist OR my youtube playlist. i suggest the youtube version, since it has some songs/versions that i couldn't add on spotify.

  1.  the power of love - huey lewis and the news
  2. 5 years time - noah and the whale
  3. how sweet it is (to be loved by you) - james taylor
  4. always - atlantic starr
  5. we found love - rihanna
  6. you've got the love (the xx remix) - florence + the machine
  7. perfect for me - ron pope
  8. lover to lover - florence and the machine
  9. sunday kind of love - etta james
  10. you are the one i love - jon mclaughlin
  11. the book of love - the magnetic fields
  12. crazy love, vol. 2 - paul simon
  13. love on top - beyonce
  14. lonely boy - the black keys
  15. falling in love at a coffee shop - landon pigg
  16. got it good - jem
  17. drunk on love - rihanna
(p.s. see past years' soundtracks here and here!)

i would LOVE to hear your favorite love songs as well, so leave them in the comments. happy love week to all!!


Kaylee and Clark said...

This was a fun post to read and a really good idea for celebrating valentine's day! love.

Teenage Bride said...

aww well this just made me smile...