February 29, 2012

Sick of Waiting: A Med School Update

This might not be a relatively relevant post for many people... But for friends, family, and anyone who keeps up on our life, I thought I should talk a little bit about medical school some more.
Because you all love that right?

But just a small update on what's been happening the past few months as far as the next four years of our life goes:
Chin interviewed at 4 schools: University of Rochester, University of Utah, University of Colorado, and University of Kentucky (in that order).

Last weekend was Chin's interview at UK, but before that, he hadn't been to an interview since November.
So in other words, it's been a long long wait that's still not over.

Within the next month we'll hopefully begin to hear acceptances/rejections from the schools we applied and interviewed at. 
Sometimes I get really frustrated when people ask if we've gotten into any schools yet.
I just want to yell, "TRUST ME YOU'LL KNOW WHEN WE FIND OUT."
But then I remember that everyone is just trying to be polite and ask about what we're up to.

My top choice?
In my heart, my top choice is the University of Rochester (we're currently on the waiting list there). I would love to be home and close to my family. And no matter what, I want to live on the east coast eventually.

In my mind though, logically, it makes most sense for us to stay in Utah, and the U of U (assuming we get in there but who knows). We could live in Salt Lake and I would commute to BYU next fall just a few days a week.
I love Salt Lake. And even though I don't want to stay in Utah forever, I'd be happy here for another four years.

I'm still looking forward to our future, but I'm ready to be done with this waiting game of not knowing what we'll be doing for the next four years.

So bring it on March! And be ready for a few more updates (hopefully) on med school.

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Noel Dickens said...

Hayley, we totally understand as in been there and done that. The whole process simply sucks and as such we keep you guys in our prayers. Love you guys!