February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

I guess this can count as day 14? Whatever. Anyways, how was your Valentine's Day? If you're taken, did you have a lovely day celebrating your passionate romance and get all the flowers and chocolate you wanted? And if you were single, did you have a great day flying solo, going to dinner with your girlfriends or watching a chick flick or just ignoring the day in general?

Regardless of your relationship status or thoughts on Valentine's Day, I hope that it was a great one. 

A little recap on ours. Like I mentioned a few posts ago, our tradition (even though this was only our second year being married on V-Day) for Valentine's Day consists of a quiet but nice dinner at home, on the living room floor with our nicest dishes. 
Nothing changed this year, except that our low-key day with no gifts involved somehow turned into me having a husband who knows me too well and really, truly, must somehow find it in his heart to love me a lot.

My "gift" (if you could even call it that) to Chin was our dinner, and I went all out this year (or tried to at least). But honestly, can you even call making dinner a gift? I certainly know the way to Chin's heart, but I'm thinking maybe I should cook like this every night? Housewife failure.

Anyways... When Chin got home at 5:30 he had a few things for me that I wasn't expecting. 
The first was a nice bouquet of tulips. Always a thoughtful gesture. My favorite flowers from my favorite person.
But the second was something that took me by surprise entirely. 
A while ago I had mentioned to Chin that I wanted to go somewhere for my birthday. I wasn't picky, I just wanted to do something different for my birthday, since I'm turning the big 21 AND it's my golden birthday. 
I would have been happy going to Salt Lake for a day or taking a couple of days to explore Southern Utah. Anywhere but Provo.
We talked about going to Denver to be with his family, but plane tickets were expensive and I figured we could keep our money in savings and see family when they come out for Chin's graduation.
However, when Chin got home, along with the tulips, he had a silly poem and plane tickets in hand for this upcoming weekend! 
We're headed to Denver for a birthday weekend filled with fun. 
That sneaky kid planned a weekend for me, and I don't think I'll ever deserve him.

Aside from my big surprise, our evening turned out great:
we ate on the floor as per tradition

We used dinner ware a little bit more toned down than red and pink

Broke out the bubbly and candles

Started with homemade garlic bread & salad

feasted on spaghetti with homemade red sauce and meatballs

And went into a sugar coma with bittersweet chocolate mousse.

Overall, the day was a success. I don't mean to gush, but I feel truly lucky to have a wonderful husband, friends, and family who make every day feel like Valentine's Day. I'm filled with so much love for all the wonderful people in my life, who I cherish dearly. 

Chin, thanks for being the best valentine I could have asked for. You went above and beyond any expectations I had, and you continue to be the best thing I've got in my life. Maybe someday I'll be worthy of you, because right now I have no idea why you chose me. But I'm so glad you did.