March 13, 2012

Spring Style

I learned a few things about myself in the past couple of days.
1: Polyvore is the BEST way to procrastinate ever. I had two 6 page papers due yesterday and today, and I took several errr... breaks- if you will- experimenting with Polyvore and making inspiration boards.
2: I am terrible when it comes to stepping out of my comfort zone regarding fashion. As you'll see in this post, almost all of my boards have some type of stripe, navy, black, mint/aqua, and lots and lots of matching. I've just never been good at not color-coordinating.

But anyways, now that Spring is hopefully here to stay (just watch I'll jinx it), I've been brainstorming lots of outfits for inspiration. I hope you find some inspiration too!

Hello Saturday errands. That's all I can think about with this board. Comfy loafers, a flowy skirt, and a nice big purse to carry all the essentials. Comfortable and effortless.


I think this board would be a perfect travel outfit. I hate putting hats in my suitcase because they get all squished, so I usually end up wearing one on the plane. I love that bracelet, and the cheetah print that combines with an otherwise pastel color combo.

Can we just examine the shoes here? Woah baby woah baby. I honestly don't think I could ever wear either of them, but I love how they dress up this outfit, that would be perfect for a night on the town. AND THAT BLAZER.

I love the look of floral prints with fun stripes this season. And though I'm still not a huge fan of the neon fad, these bright pops of color brighten up any outfit where black is a main focus.


I honestly can't think of an outfit that is more me than this one. I love the classic shape of the dress (in my favorite color pink!), dressed up with girly heels, sparkles, and classic pearls. I would wear this outfit to any and every wedding. Anyone want to buy it for me? Didn't think so.


This might be my favorite inspiration board yet. Honestly, when I found that shirt (10 euros online!) I bought it. I just straight up bought that shirt from the UK. I DON'T DO THAT EVER. It was a well-worth-it impulse buy. But let's be real, what don't you love about this outfit? It has everything great for spring. Stripes, peplum, bright lips, a cognac bag, kelly green, bright pants, loafers, patent leather, a white watch, and a statement necklace. okay yes.


I created this outfit as a wear to work sort of outfit. Since I'll be starting my internship (!) this spring, I really am in desperate need of some sophisticated work clothes. These would fit a very expensive bill.


I love this outfit for a hot summer day. The bright summer colors scream, "take me to the beach!" And I am lusting over that comfy looking button down. White oxfords for the win.


Sometimes I wish I was a city girl. Just sometimes so I could wear outfits like these. And who's with me that they want a burberry trench someday? I'll be saving my pennies till I'm 40 so I can get one.

 I based this outfit around the striped dress, which I love. I love how the blazer makes it so feminine, and already owning these shoes, I know you can wear them with just about anything.

And almost last but not least, a preppy number for a rainy spring day. Because who doesn't love pink hunters?

Okay last one I promise. I love the tribal look this year, and am a personal huge fan of teal and orange.


To find out where each specific item is from/how much it costs, visit my polyvore profile HERE.


Melissa said...

Obsessed. I love the pink Hunter's.

anna said...

such cute outfits! love your style :)

*amber* said...

Hayley, please come to my house and be my personal stylist. I would love to look that put together, but I am just too lazy! I throw on what I can reach and run out the door. I'm obsessed with all of these.

Karen said...

Love polyvore! These outfits are to die for, wish I had all the money in the world to buy them. Especially the outfit to wear on vacation (wish I could go on a trip right now).